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21. Vybornova, Olga (2017) Effect of re-wetting on greenhouse gas emissions from different microtopes in a cut-over bog in Northern Germany Dissertation
22. Merker, Claire (2017) Estimating the Uncertainty of Areal Precipitation using Data Assimilation Dissertation
23. Rüggen, Norman (2017) Estimation of current-season carbon fluxes in the rhizosphere of a tundra wetland soil Dissertation
24. Dabaghi Sadr, Fatemeh (2017) Evolution of the Tethyan Seaway during the Oligocene and Miocene : constrains from Foraminiferal faunas of the Qom Formation, Iran Dissertation
25. Zahid, Maida (2017) Extreme Events in Pakistan : Physical Processes and Impacts of Changing Climate https://www.earth-syst-dynam-discuss.net/esd-2016-72/ Dissertation
26. Dhara, Chirag (2017) First order controls on the steady state surface energy partitioning and its sensitivity using idealized models Dissertation
27. Kachulu, Mutisungilire Francisco (2017) Food Security, Climate Change Adaptation and Land Use Options for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi : a Biophysical-Economic Modeling Approach Dissertation
28. Menke, Valerie (2017) Impacts of short-term climate change and anthropogenic activity on marine ecosystem variability and biogeochemical processes in the Gulf of Taranto (central Mediterranean Sea) Dissertation
29. Ghobadian, Marjan (2017) Inferring Air-Sea Carbon Dioxide Fluxes from Scatterometer Sea Surface Backscatter Dissertation
30. Mechik, Elena (2017) Managing the driver of climate change in the context of sustainable tropical forest management through regulation of economic activities in forest communities while analyzing social-economic interactions Dissertation
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