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11. Hampf, Daniel (2012) Study for the wide-angle air Cherenkov detector HiSCORE and time gradient event reconstruction for the H.E.S.S. experiment Dissertation
12. Seelmann, Andreas (2011) 3D radiative transfer in arbitrary velocity fields: The Eulerian approach Dissertation
13. Liefke, Carolin (2011) Investigating different aspects of stellar activity - From elemental abundances in solar-like stars to giant flares on active M dwarfs Dissertation
14. Poppenhäger, Katja (2011) Magnetic activity of planet-hosting stars Dissertation
15. Wagner, Mariana (2011) Reflectance spectra of Earth-like exoplanets Dissertation
16. Witte, Sören (2011) Simulation of atmospheric dust clouds Dissertation
17. Schneider, Peter Christian (2011) X-ray studies of young stellar sources and their jets The Chandra X-ray view of the power sources in Cepheus A (A&A 508, 321, 2009), Chandra observation of Cepheus A: the diffuse emission of HH 168 resolved (A&A, 508, 717, 2009), The nature of the soft X-ray source in DG Tauri (A&A, 488, L13, 2008), X-raying the AU Microscopii debris disk (A&A, 516, A8, 2010) Dissertation
18. Wendt, Martin (2010) Probing cosmological variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio by means of quasar absorption spectra Dissertation
19. Huber, Klaus Felix (2010) Starspots and extra-solar planets in lightcurves and radial velocity measurements Dissertation
20. Czesla, Stefan (2010) Stellar magnetic activity from the photosphere to circumstellar disks Puzzling fluorescent emission from Orion, Planetary eclipse mapping of CoRoT-2a. Evolution, differential rotation, and spot migration, A planetary eclipse map of CoRoT-2a. Comprehensive lightcurve modeling combining rotational-modulation and transits, How stellar activity affects the size estimates of extrasolar planets, Discovery of X-ray emission from the eclipsing brown-dwarf binary 2MASS J05352184-0546085, The nature of the fluorescent iron line in V 1486 Orionis Dissertation
Ergebnis 11 - 20 von 41  Zurück   1   2   3   4   5  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
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