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1. von der Forst, Ellinor (2018) Climate Change Vulnerability of Socio-Ecological Systems in Coastal Areas of River Basins in Mexico and South Africa - from Assessment to Management Dissertation
2. Acharya, Krishna Prasad (2018) Conservation conflict in Nepal : An examination of the pattern and ecological dimension of human-wildlife conflict and wildlife conservation Dissertation
3. Kulikov, Maksim (2018) Effects of land use and vegetation changes on soil erosion of alpine grazing lands - Fergana Range, Southern Kyrgyzstan Dissertation
4. Nguyen, Dang Cuong (2018) GIS based land use simulation of sustainable forest management and wood utilization in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam Dissertation
5. Mertens, Oliver (2018) Performance and processing evaluation of thermoplastic wood fiber composites Dissertation
6. Parduhn, David (2017) Deforestation or Development : Exploring the actors, practices and drivers of forest loss on Zambia's Central Plateau Dissertation
7. Stäbler, Moritz (2017) Effects of and on the food-web when fishing for maximum sustainable yields in the southern North Sea Dissertation
8. Di Lallo, Giulio (2017) Efficient, innovative, and inclusive options to overcome monitoring challenges in the early phases of REDD+ Dissertation
9. Kachulu, Mutisungilire Francisco (2017) Food Security, Climate Change Adaptation and Land Use Options for Smallholder Farmers in Malawi : a Biophysical-Economic Modeling Approach Dissertation
10. Rambo, Henrike (2017) From fish biodiversity indicators to spatial risk assessments : Towards the integration of Blue Growth and conservation objectives in the German Bight Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 28  1   2   3  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
von 3