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1. Sajedi Shacker, Shadi (2018) The effect of dynamical speed of light theories in Palatini formalism on the cosmic evolution Dissertation
2. Schneide, Christiane Susanne (2017) Simulations of planets in post-Common Envelope Binary Systems with the FLASH code Dissertation
3. Kunnas, Maike Helena (2017) Studies of the performance of an IACT system for the TAIGA array Dissertation
4. Khalafinejad, Sara (2017) Unveiling the exoplanetary atmospheres, using ground-based high-resolutiontransmission spectroscopy Dissertation
5. Ioannidis, Panagiotis (2016) Characterization of exoplanets and their host-stars with high precision photometry from ground-based and satellite observations Dissertation
6. Salz, Michael (2015) Escaping atmospheres of hot extrasolar gas planets Dissertation
7. Müller, Holger Matthias (2015) Limb-darkening Measurements on Exoplanet Host Stars and the Sun Dissertation
8. Alves Batista, Rafael (2015) On the cosmological propagation of high energy particles in magnetic fields Dissertation
9. Rudolf, Natascha (2014) Studying Hydrogen Emission Lines from Classical T Tauri Stars : Telluric Line Removal, Physical Conditions in the Emitting Gas, and Reddening Dissertation
10. Sairam, Lalitha (2013) Activity characterisation of potential planet hosts Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 45  1   2   3   4   5  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
von 5