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1. Schaaf, Benjamin (2018) Added Value and regional effects in the multidecadal trends of a very high-resolution regional climate long-term model simulation at the coasts of Northern Germany Dissertation
2. Meyer, Christin (2018) Climate Change Impacts and Risk Management : Improving farm resilience through adaptation in the crop-livestock zone of the Corangamite catchment in Victoria (Australia) with a Case Study of the ´Mount Hesse´ farm Dissertation
3. He, Jianhan (2018) Comparison of the microstructure of the bivalve shells Pinctada fucata and Anodonta cygnea and the gastropod shell Phorcus turbinatus Dissertation
4. Thomsen, Simon (2018) Impact of soil water availability and local climate in urban environments on water use of mature pedunculate oaks (Quercus robur L.) Dissertation
5. Prader, Sabine (2018) Insights into the palaeovegetation and palaeoclimate evolution of the New Jersey hinterland (eastern North America) during the Oligocene and Miocene -a palynological study- Dissertation
6. Okoro, Stanley Uchenna (2018) Modeling Environmental and Social Impacts of Bioenergy from Oil Palm Cultivation in Nigerian Niger Delta Dissertation
7. Müller-Navarra, Katharina (2018) Salt-marsh foraminifera and their potential for sea-level studies in the North Sea region Dissertation
8. Paulsen, Hanna (2018) The effects of marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria on ocean biogeochemistry and climate – an Earth system model perspective Dissertation
9. Jantz, Philipp (2018) The Rise of Finance in the Wind Industry : Financialization in Global Commodity Chains. Analysis of the German Wind Energy Market Dissertation
10. Lyu, Guokun (2017) Calibrating an earth system model using the adjoint method Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 392  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
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