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1. Fischereit, Jana (2019) Influence of urban water surfaces on human thermal environments – an obstacle resolving modelling approach Dissertation
2. Bhalerao, Amol Kamalakar (2019) Strategies to Mitigate the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Climate Change : A Case of Northeastern India (A Multi-Method Approach) Dissertation
3. Schaaf, Benjamin (2018) Added Value and regional effects in the multidecadal trends of a very high-resolution regional climate long-term model simulation at the coasts of Northern Germany Dissertation
4. Kieselbach, Janne Andreas (2018) Braucht Demokratie territoriale Grenzen? : Politisch-geographische Grundlagen einer Herrschaftsform zwischen Kongruenzanspruch und Identitätserfordernis Dissertation
5. Meyer, Christin (2018) Climate Change Impacts and Risk Management : Improving farm resilience through adaptation in the crop-livestock zone of the Corangamite catchment in Victoria (Australia) with a Case Study of the ´Mount Hesse´ farm Dissertation
6. von der Forst, Ellinor (2018) Climate Change Vulnerability of Socio-Ecological Systems in Coastal Areas of River Basins in Mexico and South Africa - from Assessment to Management Dissertation
7. He, Jianhan (2018) Comparison of the microstructure of the bivalve shells Pinctada fucata and Anodonta cygnea and the gastropod shell Phorcus turbinatus Dissertation
8. Borchert, Leonard Friedrich (2018) Decadal Climate Predictions in the North Atlantic Region : The Role of Ocean Heat Transport Dissertation
9. Kulikov, Maksim (2018) Effects of land use and vegetation changes on soil erosion of alpine grazing lands - Fergana Range, Southern Kyrgyzstan Dissertation
10. Buxbaum-Conradi, Sonja (2018) Global and local knowledge dynamics in an industry during modular transition : A case study of the Airbus production network and the Aerospace Cluster in Hamburg, Northern Germany Dissertation
Ergebnis 1 - 10 von 421  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Vorwärts   Gehe zu Seite
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